12-2-2012 The Sunset at Dickerson’s Lake Florida Resort

Lake Florida has been frozen over a couple of times already, but each time the wind comes and breaks it up and we start over. The east shore where Dickerson’s Resort is located is very “chunky”.  We are always hoping for a smooth freeze. The sunset is as beautiful over the ice as it is […]

Lake Florida Sunset 4-9-12

The sunset at Lake Florida looked identical on Monday as what we had on Sunday. Changed locations on the beach to take the picture!  

Another day, another table-3-23-12

The table project yesterday was so much fun that we decided to tackle another one today. Today, the sun was shining so we got to work outside which made it even better. Since we had practiced yesterday, this should have gone more quickly today. It didn’t. Some of the holes didn’t line up and we […]

A trip to New London on 3-17-12

Saturday was a fun day. A trip to New London was in our plans. Last summer the town was “under construction” with new streets and a new dam being built. It is great to see the projects completed and we look forward to all of our guests going in this season to see the changes. […]

Sunrise on 3-15-12

This morning as we were listening to the radio they said that the sunrise was in the drivers eyes – I decided to head to the top of the hill to see! As I was coming around the corner, there it was. When I got to the top of the hill, it looked like this […]

Lake Florida Sunset 3-13-12

For tonight’s sunset I walked down the beach to the south of the resort to check out some of the spots I had seen on Sunday. I stopped first at this split rail fence. The sun is still a little too bright. Found this lonely chair just waiting for someone to come with a cushion […]

Lake Florida Sunset 3-5-12

Out for a walk around the resort I found this beautiful drift at cabin #7. It is curling over and just about ready to drop off! Unique drift at cabin #7 Another beautiful sunset at the resort on Monday night. Here it is from beginning to end. One of the Adirondack swings is on the […]

The Ice & the Sunset

Friday Bob went out in the afternoon to take pictures of the ice heaves and the resort from the north. The ice heaves are incredible all around the lake! If you have a lake near you, take the time and drive around to see. The docks and lifts look so lonely on the beach. It […]

Lake Florida Sunset 2-16-12

  The sunset on Thursday was beautiful again. The ice on the creek and the heaves make it even more  interesting.                                                                     […]

Out and about with Bob

On Wednesday, Bob left at 1:00 to go to a Southern Minnesota Tourism Meeting in Springfield, Minnesota. Five meetings are held in 5 different communities each year. Marlys Vanderwerf was the hostess who planned all of the activities. He always comes home with great little facts about each community. His first stop was the Chamber/CVB Office […]