Out and about with Bob

On Wednesday, Bob left at 1:00 to go to a Southern Minnesota Tourism Meeting in Springfield, Minnesota. Five meetings are held in 5 different communities each year. Marlys Vanderwerf was the hostess who planned all of the activities. He always comes home with great little facts about each community.

His first stop was the Chamber/CVB Office in Willmar to pick up Willmar Lakes Area Guides to take with him to the meeting. On the way to Springfield he went past the Gilfillan Estate, home of Farmfest. The Gilfillan Estate started as 13,000 acres purchased by Charles Duncan Gilfillan in Redwood County.

His advertising meeting started at 4:00 at Tommy’s Central Street Steakhouse in Springfield. I’m sure he arrived in the nick of time! They finalized the 2012 advertising program for the 36 counties of Southern Minnesota. The dinner was also at Tommy’s after hors d’oeuvres at the Outlaw Bar & Grill. Bob stayed at the Microtel Inn & Suites. It is the only Microtel that was built by the community with investors buying $500 shares. Something to be very proud of!

Thursday morning before the meeting started, Bob dropped in at the Riverside Animal Clinic to see Dr. Phil Gill and Karla Kuisle who have both been guests at the resort (and we hope are coming again) Simon & Sasha are forever grateful for the new bag of catfood they sent along for them! 🙂

At 8:30 it was time for the meeting which was held at the community center in Springfield. Bob said it is one of the nicest they have ever met in. Neil Linscheid from the U of MN Extension Service spoke about the importance of Social Media for small communities.

Walnut Grove Brochure

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After lunch Marlys handed out $10 gift certifcates to all attendees to go shopping in Springfield. Bob chose to use his certifcate at Lang’s Meet Market and brought home smoked pork chops, bratwursts and dried beef. As he left many of the other people were coming to the meat market also-it’s very good!

It wasn’t part of itinerary, but just down the road is Walnut Grove, the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder.
The Sod House on the Prairie is also there.
On the way home he went by Jackpot Junction Casino. He went right by and came back home to the resort with his money 🙂 He also visited with a long time friend,  Bill Miller in Olivia at the Master’s Coffee Shop & Bakery. Bill and his family have had a cabin south of the resort forever! What a great trip!