Sunrise on 3-15-12

This morning as we were listening to the radio they said that the sunrise was in the drivers eyes – I decided to head to the top of the hill to see! As I was coming around the corner, there it was.


Sunrise at Lake Florida at 7:52

When I got to the top of the hill, it looked like this


Sunrise at 7:55

Then I walked down the hill and turned left to go to the end of the road and see what the sunrise looks like over the Environmental Learning Center. The sun wasn’t high enough to see. I walked back up the road and as I looked up the hill I decided another picture at the top was in order. It looked like this-


Sunrise at 8:13

Time to head back down the hill and get to work. Here is the view from the top of the hill looking north.

view from hill

Looking at the resort as I am coming down the hill

One trip down to the lake at cabin #12 to see how the ice is doing. With all of the nice weather we are having the ice is getting dark.

Lake Florida Ice

At cabin #12 - The ice is getting dark!