A trip to New London on 3-17-12

Saturday was a fun day. A trip to New London was in our plans. Last summer the town was “under construction” with new streets and a new dam being built. It is great to see the projects completed and we look forward to all of our guests going in this season to see the changes. The new dam is beautiful. There is nothing like the sound of the rushing water.

the dam

Bob by the New London Dam

New London Dam

New London Dam

Mord’s Hardware Hank Store in New London was celebrating spring and opening their Backyard where they sell all of their grills, bird seed, bird feeders, etc. It was a beautiful day and they had a great turnout. Served 200 people and ran out of hot dogs and brats.

Mord's Hardware Hank

View of Mord's Hardware Hank from across the street

Notice the beautiful new sidewalks which are now handicapped accessible.


Grills lined up on the sidewalk outside of Mord's

Mord’s Hardware Hank has an incredible inventory of grill in every kind, shape and size. They appear to have something for everybody! The brats and hot dogs came from Schaefers Meats in Sauk Centre and were delicious. This little boy was there with his parents and sister enjoying the day. We later saw him walking home with a new hoola-hoop.

Eating a hot dog

Little boy eating a hot dog

When we came home it was time for a project. Bob assembled all of the pieces and started putting together a new Adirondack Swing.

Building an adirondack swing

The beginning of an Adirondack Swing


Sanding the bench for the Adirondack Swing

Things were moving along quite nicely, we were almost finished when Bob noticed that 1 of the last 4, 6 inch screws was really crooked. The project was put on hold until after church on Sunday when we could pick up some new screws.

crooked screw

1 crooked screw stopped the project!

During the project we took a couple of phone calls about reservations and had some people stop in to look at the resort. We had used the mandatory number of tools (more than 6) to be able to call it a project!

tools for project

It's a project-we had more than 6 tools!

What a great day and great weather!