1-21 the electricians are here!

On Tuesday afternoon Dan & Andrew from B&J Lake Region Electric Spicer, MN came to start wiring the cabin.


Lake Region Electric truck

Dan and Andrew wired the cabin on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning.

We’re thrilled to have them working for us-they’re both great guys with Lake Florida connections.


Dan drilling holes

The carpenters ask for good wood and the electricians come and drill holes through it!

They’re like a couple of Pilliated Woodpeckers only noisier! 🙂


Andrew setting outlet boxes


Dan going up

Many trips are made up and down the ladder before the job is done.


Dan & Andrew

On Thursday morning the carpenters were here with the electricians.

They insulated the walls and put up the poly over the insulation.


Living room wall insulated

cabin wall

Kitchen wall with appliances marked

On Thursday morning everyone was treated to warm donuts!  How fun was that!? 🙂

Everything is ready to do the spray foam insulation on the ceiling tomorrow.