Visitors at Dickerson’s Resort

It’s not only children and adults who enjoy coming to the resort. Many animals including birds, pheasants and deer come to visit on a regular basis. This has been a particularily long, windy and snowy winter making it difficult for the animals to find food so we have been feeding them. Now it would seem they have become our best friends!


Rooster pheasant coming to visit the feeders

We have seen this Rooster almost every day. We also have many deer living in the woods across the road. Some of them are so little they probably wouldn’t have made it through the winter without us feeding them corn every day. They found our bird feeders in the back yard and regularly empty them for us! They also come across the yard to get to the beach and the lake.

deer at resort

A small deer is checking to see if lunch is ready


Deer at the bird feeders


Simon & Sasha reporting for deer duty


Simon & Sasha keeing their eyes on the deer

Simon left, but now watch the video and see what happens when the deer realizes that Sasha is there

video of deer at resort

The animals are such a joy to watch. They are good entertainment while we are waiting for the long winter days to get warmer and the guests to come back to Dickerson’s Resort for their summer vacation!

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