Another Minnesota blizzard 1-26-14

Weather is always a topic of conversation in Minnesota and today was no different. We typically drive Bob’s pickup to church, but today we drove my car because it lives in the garage and has heated seats! We had our annual meeting so by the time we were finished and ready to leave it was after 1:30 and the wind was blowing pretty good. We couldn’t go right home though because we had a “14% off everything you can fit in the bag” deal at Menards to use. Bob does not let a deal go unused! When we got back to the resort about 3:30, the drift across our driveway was so high there was no way my car was going in.

snow drift

Drift at cabin #8 & 11

We changed our snow fences a little this year. This is the drift between cabins #8 & 11. Until today, the snow fence and the stack of picnic tables had done a good job holding the snow back.


Sunshine & blizzard

In this picture Bob is standing on the road on the east side of the cabins looking toward Lake Florida. The sun is shining, the snow is blowing –

 It’s really beautiful!