Cleaning under cabin #9 deck

On October 8th Bob told me that Garvin or Eric Marcus of Marcus Building Movers would be here on Thursday to talk about lifting cabin #9! Sure enough, Eric showed up on Thursday at 4:35 and said they could be here on Monday or Tuesday! We have a lot of work to do! I immediately went into the cabin and started removing as much of the contents as I could by myself. I’m sure help will be along any minute!

The boardwalk and deck of the cabin need to be removed before we can lift the cabin. There are at least 1000 screws holding all these boards in place. Patience is the key so as not to break the screws off while backing them out!

cabin #9 deck

Connie removing deck screws

I don’t ever want to be a deck builder. It is really hard on your back and leg muscles!

cabin deck

Bob taking off the last deck boards

The deck and sidewalk have been removed. We’re almost ready to lift the cabin!

cabin deck

The deck is removed from cabin #9