The cabins get new shingles

March is here and on Tuesday morning the supplies arrived to re-shingle the cabins. We had a storm in 2012 and not all of the cabins got new roofs. Justin is back now to finish them. Gigs came himself from Perkins Lumber in Willmar to deliver the shingles. Between trees and power lines it was a challenge to get the shingles to the roofs of cabins #10 & #6.cabinsIt was a very frosty morning and Justin was thankful to have the supplies delivered to the roof!cabins cabin shingles

cabin roofJustin made quick work of getting rid of the old shingles and getting the cabin water tight in case of snow or rain.

cabin roofSaturday, March 12th was such a beautiful day that Justin and Jesus couldn’t stay away from the resort. It’s a great day when you can shingle in March in a t-shirt!

cabin roofWednesday, March 16th was cold and windy. Justin and Jesus have a great view from the cabin roofs of Lake Florida, eagles soaring and the ice breaking up. This is the view from our kitchen window on Wednesday.

cabinThe guys will be back tomorrow to do the north side of cabin #1. After that, they only have our house and cabin #5 left to shingle!