Driving to New London & watching the sunset-2/16/2016

On Tuesday night Bob decided he was hungry for Prime Rib so we were off to the American Legion in New London. We left the resort too early to get the sunset at Lake Florida, but took these shots as we were driving.sunsetThis first picture was taken at 5:03. We live in a beautiful area of lakes , trees and hills which can sometimes make it tricky to get a good picture of the sunset. We are on Highway 29 on the north side of Lake Florida looking over the hills at Lake Florida.

sunsetThis is the same picture but zoomed in for a more dramatic effect.

Lake Florida sunsetTaken at 5:05. We actually went back south to get between the hills. Lake Florida is now in the middle of the picture.

sunsetThis is our last picture taken at Swenson & Sons Construction. We think the sun looks just like an angel in the sky!