Cabin #5 windows

12-20-16 Cabin #5 is getting windows Cabin #5 has been very dark inside since the carpenters wrapped it in Tyvek. Today is a big day at the resort as the windows are being put in!This is the window in the loft bedroom.This is the north bedroom window on the main floor. It certainly should be […]

Dickerson’s Resort sunset 1-8-13

The sunset at Dickerson’s Lake Florida Resort on January 8,2013 I love a sunset like tonight. It reminds me of orange sherbet! Sasha & Simon waiting for the sun to set at 4:40 Our cats, Simon & Sasha had such a good time running around in the snow. They love to have us come outside […]

Lake Florida Sunset 1-5-13

We had another beautiful sunset acroos Lake Florida on Saturday night. The hydrobike looks so lonely. Soon, well maybe in a few months there will be resort guests here having fun. We think the sunset looks like a light bulb. What do you think?