Cabin #5 windows


Cabin #5 is getting windows

Cabin #5 has been very dark inside since the carpenters wrapped it in Tyvek. Today is a big day at the resort as the windows are being put in!cabin windowThis is the window in the loft bedroom.cabin windowThis is the north bedroom window on the main floor. It certainly should be plumb since they used 2 levels! 🙂cabin windowThe trapezoid window on the west side is going to take many hands to install. The scaffolding is up on the outside of the cabin  and 2 ladders are in place on the inside.

cabin windowcabin window

cabin windowwindowThe window is in and neither it nor any of the carpenters got hurt.

The cabin sunset

This is our first sunset picture through the trapezoid window. Of course the sun is pretty far south in December which is not the way our cabin guests will ever see it. cabin windowThe Lake Florida sunset as seen through the living room window.

The unobstructed view of the sunset

sunsetThe colors of the sunset are incredibly vivid. We can hardly wait for the white snow to become blue water!