The Long Minnesota Winter!

View of the cabins and resort from our front door

Looking north from our front door after snowfall

Winter view looking south

South view from our house

Trees clothed in fresh snow

Snowflakes adorning the trees

Lights on the trees in the woods?

Lights on the trees in the woods?

Norht view of resort and cabins

Looking north at resort & cabins

The long Minnesota winter keeps rolling along! Last Tuesday night the cabins and resort were blanketed with about 9 more inches of heavy, wet snow!

Even our tractor/snow blower is tired of winter. It has aches and pains and really would like to be finished.  The tractor is eagerly waiting the snow blower being  taken off and for the nights when it pulls the resort children on their hayride with Bob.

This morning it was a brisk 12 degrees, but the  temperature quickly warmed as the sun came through the woods and over the hill. We had a high of about 36 degrees!

We are anxious for warmer days and nights, but not too quickly. The threat of floods is still present everywhere in Minnesota.

This morning when I went outside it was great to here the birds singing. The squirrels also seem happier with the warmer weather. I went to Spicer and on the way home there were 4 deer grazing on the side of the hill. The hill was completely free of snow and they were basking in the sunshine. Such a pretty site.