Relaxing on a cold, blustery day at the lake

Sometimes, in the middle of the winter when you’ve had just about as much blowing snow as you can stand, you just need to take a break. That is just what Sasha and I did.  We picked the spot on the floor right next to the furnace register. The cats and I can never be too warm!

caught napping!

Connie & Sasha taking a winter nap


Sasha is not fond of the cold temperatures and the wind howling around the cabins and stays inside most of the time. She has a very nice view to the south watching birds and squirrels and the occational deer who comes through the neighbors yard. It is the perfect spot to catch a few rays of sunshine too!

cat sitting

Not much to do but watch icecicles form!

The wind was blowing at the same time the snow was melting off of the roof. The result was this horizontal icecicle! There is another snowstorm on the way. The resort doesn’t look like spring is coming anytime soon, but we can hope!

Do you have your reservations for a get-a-way at Dickerson’s Resort this summer?