Our week at Dickerson’s Resort

We had a normal winter week here at the resort. Connie continued her hand and arm therapy with Dr. Jim Nelson which means 3 trips to Willmar. On Thursday we went to St. Cloud for a meeting with 2 of our insurance agents, met with artists from Itineraries Minnesota to create an ad for Southern Minnesota Tourism and went shopping for a laptop. Had some issues with our desktop and decided we just can’t afford to be disconnected from the cyber world.

This past week one of our best reservations came from the Robinsons. They have stayed with us since 1996 when their girls were 16 and 6. Sarah, the oldest hasn’t been here for many years , but now they are all coming back. Sarah now has 2 children of her own so there will be 3 generations here to continue “Building Sandcastles and Memories.”

Saturday we went to the Chanhassen Dinner Theater for the performance of “I Do, I Do” It was really a great performance. At lunch we sat next to a wonderful couple who had been married for over 50 years. After the performance she said, “I think I saw a little of me in there.” I think we all did!

The days are getting longer which means spring is just around the corner!