Meet our Guests!

Jamie with fish

Brave Jamie holding her fish

Meet Jaime

In 1996 the Minnesota Resort Association held a vacation show at the Hyatt in downtown Minneapolis. We were there to exhibit. Bob worked the show while Connie stayed at the resort and kept the carpenters, plumbers and electricians working. It was the year we built cabin #10. While at the show Bob met a wonderful couple named Harry and Betty. He sent Harry and Betty out to look at the cabin they would be renting in August. Jaimie is the oldest of the grandchildren who have stayed with us ever since.

Jamie with sunfish

Jaimie with a beautiful sunfish


That first year there were 7 grandchildren here. 2 more were added in the next couple of years to make 9 who stay at Dickerson’s.


Jaime in 2010

Jaimie is attending college in Duluth and hopes to work in Florida.

We have had so many fun times with the Shore family. More to come about Jaimie’s brothers and cousins in the future.