We’re off the the landfill!

11-7-2016 On Saturday we took our load of carpet pad and sheet rock to the landfill, but it was closed. We were so disappointed as it would have been so cleansing to get rid of it! Our job first thing this morning was to head back to the landfill and empty it so that we […]

It’s time to roll up the carpet in cabin #5!

11-6-16 It’s time to roll up the living room carpet in cabin #5. Now we remember why we put the carpeting in years ago!  There was some rot in the floor that Bob fixed and then of course we had to cover it up! The ceiling tile have been removed (that was a dusty job) […]

November 3 – the cabin destruction continues

All of the carpeting has been taken out of the cabin bedrooms and look at the linoleum we found in the master bedroom. One of the most fun challenges is to see how large a piece of sheet rock you can remove! Destroying walls can be fun too!

Locating the water line at cabin #5

One of the most important things we needed to do on Wednesday was to locate the water line. Right now the electrical lines are attached to a 4×4 on the cabin. We need to move them while we take the roof off and build the walls. We’re getting a pole from Kandi Power Co-op and […]

6 tools – it’s time to destroy!

We gathered some tools (always at least 6 for an official project) and started the actual cabin demolition on November 1st. We started by taking off all of the window trim and floor moldings so we could remove the carpeting. Bob took out the bathroom vanity and found that we had actually wallpapered this bathroom […]

The destruction of cabin #5

For quite awhile we have been planning a re-build of cabin #5. Our carpenter Keith called in mid October and said he would be here in 2 weeks so it looks like this will be the year! We are excited. There is much to do before he gets here. We started taking everything out of […]

A record has been set – the dock is in!

Today was a very exciting day. Previous to this, the record for putting the gas dock in was April 6th. Today, March 21st, Bob and I put the gas dock in. It’s not complete, but enough that we and the cats can walk on water!What fun to be able to walk on the dock to […]

March 16, 2016 Lake Florida Ice Off?

As we look out our kitchen window this morning, we see the guys shingling cabin #1 and the ice crushing on Lake Florida. The ice has gotten very dark and thin. Now with the wind blowing it is breaking up, crushing onto itself and melting.We pray that the wind doesn’t get any stronger or the […]

Tree trimming & the sunset

Saturday, March 12th was a beautiful day at Lake Florida. A great day to do just about anything outside! While Justin was shingling, we tackled some tree trimming. At the end of the day we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset! This might be one of our last sunsets “over ice” at Lake Florida!

The cabins get new shingles

March is here and on Tuesday morning the supplies arrived to re-shingle the cabins. We had a storm in 2012 and not all of the cabins got new roofs. Justin is back now to finish them. Gigs came himself from Perkins Lumber in Willmar to deliver the shingles. Between trees and power lines it was […]