Locating the water line at cabin #5

One of the most important things we needed to do on Wednesday was to locate the water line. Right now the electrical lines are attached to a 4×4 on the cabin. We need to move them while we take the roof off and build the walls. We’re getting a pole from Kandi Power Co-op and will temporarily connect the electricity there.water lineAs It turns out, the water line is too close to the sidewalk to put the pole there. Plan B is to put it in the middle of the sidewalk which means we have to take up many of the boardwalk boards to see if this will work. There are many sections of the boardwalk that have the old concrete sidewalk underneath-we’re hoping that’s not the case here! We were somewhat lucky and there is cement missing. We can make it work! We just need to call BJ Lake Region Electric and tell them we’re ready for them to come.sunsetWhat a beautiful, peaceful way to end our day!