The wood for cabin #9 arrived-let the fun begin!

On Monday, November 4th I was busy making donuts for Bob’s mother’s 90th birthday when the phone rang. It was Keith from Collin’s Construction wondering if the wood for the cabin was here. I said no, but then I looked out the window and yes, there was a Perkins Lumber Truck just pulling up to the north end of the resort by cabin #10. I grabbed 2 donuts, put on the blue “Bosses Coat” and went out to talk to him! He was delivering the floor joists and the plywood to cap the foundation.

Tuesday morning Keith Collins, Travis, Brian & Justin arrived with smiling faces and a truck full of tools. It was very cool – notice the frost on the cabin roofs! They would have the foundation capped today!


Truck loaded with tools

The process goes very quickly with all of the great tools these guys have.

cabin foundation

Capping the cabin foundation

It’s 10:45 and the guys are almost finished. At this rate the cabin will be up by December! It is so much fun to think about all of the families who stay at our resort especially in cabin #9. They are going to love having a new cabin. Better get the cabin plans finalized! 🙂