Meet our guests!

Kendra with northern

Kendra's northern-almost bigger than her!

This is Kendra. Kendra was adopted from Asuncion,Paragua. She first came to Dickerson’s Resort in 1996 after being adopted as a baby and has vacationed with us every year.

Kendra became an avid fisherman at a very early age. she has spent many, many hours casting from the dock and going out in boats when available.

Kendra with sunnie.

Kendra caught a nice sunnie!

Kendra also loves to swim and is very active in sports. She loves soccer and softball and excels at both. Last summer she and her mother Lori could only be here for 2 days because Kendra was on an elite softball team that was playing in Colorado. We all missed them very much!

Kendra holding a Largemouth Bass

Kendra holding a Largemouth Bass

Kendra also likes to spend time in the store keeping Connie company. She has helped with many projects over the years including riding along to pick up supplies for the resort, watering plants and trees and wouldn’t say no to anything she was asked to do. Kendra probably has one of the largest collections of Dickerson’s Lake Florida Resort t-shirts and sweatshirts of anyone (besides us of course)

We are really looking forward to seeing Kendra and her family in August for the 17th time!