Lunch with friends

On Thursday morning we received a phone call from Wayne & Bonnie who live in Burnsville. They wanted to have lunch with us. (Maybe they secretly wanted to see if anyone was staying in “their cabin #3” 🙂 We had errands in Willmar so we met at The Oaks Restaurant at Eagle Creek Golf Course. We had a great lunch and it was so much fun to visit with Wayne & Bonnie.


Wayne, Bonnie, Connie & Bob at the Oaks

After lunch we came home, the work was still waiting of course. It was a beautiful day which made it more enjoyable to be on the beach. High winds had brought in loads of leaves which need to be taken out of the lake.


Bob cleaning leaves out of Lake Florida

The day ended with a beautiful sunset. Notice the unusual clouds. We don’t see these very often. Aren’t they beautiful?


Lake Florida sunset at 7:42