Fun at Dickerson’s Resort

Fun on the beach

Fun in the beach car

Many shirts at pizza

Harris & Calvin wore many shirts to pizza

Geese visiting Dickerson's Resort

2 families of geese swimming by

Using the wi-fi

Friends catching up using wi-fi


There’s always something fun going on at Dickerson’s Resort. The beach car is fun-even mom’s get in sometimes!

On Monday night we have our “all you can eat” pizza party. The pizza is made special for us by Jakes Pizza in Willmar, MN. If you wear a Lake Florida Shirt, you get “twice as much all you can eat pizza AND you get 2 slices the first time through the serving line. Harris and Calvin have been coming to Dickerson’s Resort all their lives and have many shirts. They wore at least 3 each on their pizza night! Such fun!

It’s not just people who like to come to Dickerson’s Resort. Every day the family of geese swims by and shows off the new kids. They are so beautiful! We also have deer who wander through and ‘pinch back’ the petunias, geraniums & hostas now and then!

Of course we have to have our daily dose of technology while on vacation. Laptops, iphones, ipads, etc. are all used. You may not be able to connect at your cabin, but the wi-fi works on our front step!