Building a cabin bench

Bob leveling the cabin bench

Bob leveling the cabin bench

Bob taking the old bench apart

Bob taking the old bench apart (looking for beads)

Building the bench for the cabin deck

Bob working on the bench

Connie checking Bob's work

Connie making sure Bob has it right!


About 20 years ago (seems like yesterday) we built benches on the cabin decks. Some of them have started to rot and need to be replaced. Here’s a new project for Bob. For the first ones he was the helper. Now he gets to be in charge.


Bob took the old bench apart 3 weeks ago. He now has enough beads from under the boards to make his own necklace (or maybe one for me) 🙂


As with any “good project” you need at least 6 tools. We probably had 26 tools! We measured and we planned and finally put that first cut in the wood. An added challenge was to see how much wood we could use that we already had at the resort – we only had to buy 1 , 8 foot treated 2×6. Of course there were numerous interruptions during the whole process and we finally finished it in time to sit and watch the sunset. 🙂


Now we only have 9 or 10 left to make!