Another “little” project at Dickerson’s Resort

It seems that every day normal work turns into a project.

Today, I went up to the back yard to clean up leaves and clean out the hostas and day lillies. A tree had broken off years ago, but we had kept the trunk which held a flower pot each year. The tree stump had completely rotted over the winter and when I touched it, it fell apart! Start the clean-up! I picked up the landscape rocks, you know the ones 1-2 inches in size in pails to get them out of the way. I also determined that as long as we were doing this, the giant hosta should be split-always more work and mess than you want! We needed more dirt to fill the hole and new landscape fabric too to cover the dirt. After a couple of attempts, Bob located the landscape fabric that we were pretty sure we had and went to cousin Greg’s gravel pit to get the dirt.


Digging out the tree stump and roots

We filled 2-32 gallon garbage cans and the wheel barrow with the dead tree.


Bob found a good size rock under the tree

We found many good size rocks in the roots of the tree. The little tree that was growing next to it is going to be far happier without all of those rocks! One more trip to Greg’s pit to get some rock-gotta cover the area where the tree was.

pruning tree

Bob pruning the tree

We looked up at the tree hanging over this project and saw some dead branches. Might as well get them now or they will surely fall later!

tree project

Almost finished-more than 6 tools - it's a project!