And the beach goes on at Lake Florida

The clean up of the leaves that blew in continues. Here’s another picture of Bob cleaning the leaves out of the lake and off of the beach.

Lake Florida

Bob cleaning the leaves out of the lake

We hauled the leaves to the garage apron of cabin #13. Normally, they could go right into the trailer, but it was being used for a different project.They also got a chance to drain and “lighten up” a bit 🙂 Those of you who aren’t following us on Facebook don’t know that we took a total of 4,760 pounds of these leaves to the landfill. Congratulations to Gary Boer from Sioux Falls who was the winner of our contest.

leaves at cabin

Bob reloading the leaves

There are other jobs that need to be done also. The decks are looking pretty dirty so I continue to wash them in between other jobs.

cleaning the deck

Connie cleaning the deck by the resort store/office.