The Long Minnesota Winter

Most of us living here in Minnesota have had enough of winter.  A couple of times in the last few weeks it has appeared to be “almost” over and then we get another little blast of snow and/or cold. Yesterday it started out in the low 30’s and by mid afternoon it was 68 degrees! It felt great to be working in1 sweatshirt  and being warm.Crack in the ice of Lake Florida

There has been 10-15 feet of open shoreline for the last week. Today we have a big crack going out from the resort which changes size as the day goes along. There is just enough wind to move the ice which causes great concern. All of the docks and boat lifts are stored on the beach for the winter. We have been out moving things and putting the lifts up on blocks to prevent as much damage as possible.Shoreline under water

There are good things about the ice melt too. Yesterday we had 5 Mallards swimming along the edge. Today there were 2 Wood Ducks. They were all so happy to have open water. We also have a mink that has been running up and down the beach. I guess all of the animals are coming back starting to wake up for the summer season.



We have been busy cleaning up the Day Lillys and hostas around the cabins. They seem very anxious to start growing!