Another beautiful Lake Florida sunset!

Tonight’s sunset was very much like the one on Easter Sunday – bold orange and beautiful!

Lake Florida sunset March 28

Lake Florida is calm and life is good! This is such a peaceful way to end our day. 🙂  

The ice, the snow, the geese.

Today is March 18th and the ice is still here on the east side of Lake Florida. Now it has been insulated by a couple of inches of snow!These poor geese must be wondering why they came back to the lake so early! We weren’t hoping for snow, but it sure does make everything clean […]

The ice is still on Lake Florida!

When we woke up on the 17th, the ice was still there and so was the wind. The wind is strong enough that it has pushed the ice farther up on the shoreline. Listen to the noise that the wind and ice are making We will be glad when it is finally gone and we […]

March 16, 2016 Lake Florida Ice Off?

As we look out our kitchen window this morning, we see the guys shingling cabin #1 and the ice crushing on Lake Florida. The ice has gotten very dark and thin. Now with the wind blowing it is breaking up, crushing onto itself and melting.We pray that the wind doesn’t get any stronger or the […]

The Lake Florida sunset on March 15

I always have a hard time choosing which sunset pictures to show you, so today I’m using 8 pictures. It will give you the full effect from beginning to the end.

Tree trimming & the sunset

Saturday, March 12th was a beautiful day at Lake Florida. A great day to do just about anything outside! While Justin was shingling, we tackled some tree trimming. At the end of the day we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset! This might be one of our last sunsets “over ice” at Lake Florida!

The cabins get new shingles

March is here and on Tuesday morning the supplies arrived to re-shingle the cabins. We had a storm in 2012 and not all of the cabins got new roofs. Justin is back now to finish them. Gigs came himself from Perkins Lumber in Willmar to deliver the shingles. Between trees and power lines it was […]

Sunsets in the Willmar Lakes Area

Monday night we went to Pizza Ranch in Willmar for dinner. Pizza Ranch has a great fund raising program where they let different groups work at the restaurant and they donate part of their profits from the night and the group gets their tips. Our church youth group at Calvary Lutheran Church was working on […]

Lake Florida Sunset 2-4-16

All of the sunsets in February have been very similar-bold and beautiful. Tuesday night was an exception. It was white everywhere as the wind blew and the snow flew! At times we couldn’t see the cabins!