Sunday night sky

Sunday sky at 7:17 pm



Capturing sunset pictures at Dickerson’s Resort has become quite a challenge with all of the clouds and rain.


Last night was looking like we wouldn’t get anything so we started snapping pictures at 7:17 just to be sure. It’s really interesting to see how much the sky can change in an hour.


In the middle of the night the weather radio went off. We hope that’s the last time we hear that! We got .80 rain and hail. What a great test of our new shingles! Today the sun is shining. Let’s hope it sticks around!

Sunset sky at 7:28 pm

Sky at7:28 pm









Sunset sky at 8:03

Sunset sky at 8:03









Sunset sky at 8:04

Sunset at 8:04










Sunset at 8:06

Sunset at 8:06









Sunset sky at Dickerson's Lake Florida Resort 8:07

Lake Florida sunset at 8:07