Saturday night sky

Saturday night sky at

Saturday night sky at 7:59 p.m.

Saturday night sky #2

Saturday night sky at 8:11

SAturday night sky

Before the sun disappeared behind clouds at 8:16


Saturday started out looking like it was going to be another drizzly day, but it turned out great! We did have a little rain early in the morning, then overcast until about 10:30. Then the sun broke out and the temperature shot up to 66 degrees! It felt sooo good!


In the morning we worked on the well and getting the water to the cabins. Things are a little behind this year at the resort with the weather being so uncooperative.


At 12:30 Bob left to go to Elk River to the book release of “Resorts of Minnesota.” Some of you were here last summer when the author and photographers were here. Some of you are in the book! It’s very exciting to see our name in print and have something written about us. We think we have something very special for families and hope you do too. Watch for more information about the book in future blogs.