Dickerson’s Lake Florida Resort – winter continues

It’s February 1st, 2013 and it still looks alot like winter at the resort. Today, we have frost on the dining room window looking east.

frost on window

The frost will be gone "when pigs fly!"

iT’s a beautiful day at the lake (as far as winter weather goes!) and the fishermen are excitied to be out. It seems the ice houses get larger every year.

Ice houses

Little winter cabins on Lake Florida

The campfire ring looks so lonely covered with snow. Spring will come soon and with it campfires and s’mores.

snow drift

The snow drift at cabin #5 is about 4 feet high.

The snow drifts at the resort are always beautiful. The wind swirls around the cabins and keeps building the drifts. This one is at the south corner of cabin #5’s deck.

snow drift

The snow drift at cabin #6 looking to the north

The drift at cabin #6 looking north to cabin #7 and cabin #8. We need moisture so are hoping for more snow. After all, it is only early February!