A Big Resort Project – The Chairs

We have a project for the resort that was started many (I mean more than 25) years ago that has never been finished. One day we had a conversation about it and decided that 2012 would be the year to finish.  We used to have Adirondack chairs at the resort. About 50 years ago, Bob’s grandfather had made many chairs for the cabins. He was a depot agent in Lucan, MN and in the winter didn’t have much to do so he made the chairs. We had kept one to use as a pattern. My father’s cousin had cut out the parts for 24 Adirondack chairs for us which Bob was going to help him put together. It never happened because sadly, Gordon died. The pieces have been waiting ever since. Bob went to the storage garage and got what he thought was enough pieces to make 1 chair and started fitting the pieces together.

wood pieces

All of the wood for the chairs

I made the pieces into a teepee for a campfire!


The wood - a chair or a campfire?

Things did not go well and some pieces were obviously missing! Bob put them together as best he could with clamps and a few screws and they became a chair! We found that 21 of the left arms are missing! 🙁

Adirondack chair

The first Adirondack chair clamped together

When we went to the boat show in St. Cloud we met Larry O’Shea who was there exhibiting his homemade Adirondack furniture. After talking to him for awhile and telling him our story, he offered to help us! What a nice man. This job may get finished in 2012!

On April 2, we loaded up all of the pieces and some new cedar and Bob went to get Larry’s help.

wood pieces

Bob's pick up full of wood pieces

making chair arms

Larry cutting out the left arms for the chairs

He was gone ALLLL day until 10:15! He came home without any chairs assembled-bummer! Larry and his wife Peggy are so kind and treated him just like family (that means they included Bob in their meals)

Bob went back to work on the chairs again on April 10th.

chair jig

The jig for putting the Adirondack chairs together.

cutting braces

Larry cutting braces for the chairs

Adirondack chair

Bob in his first Adirondack chair

This time when he came home he had the one finished chair and all of the rest needing some assembly.


22 chairs - some assembly required!

Those of you who have reservations with us in 2012 will get to use these chairs. Those of you who don’t have reservations should make them and come and sit in our comfortable, Adirondack chairs!

If you are looking to buy Adirondack chairs and furniture we highly recommend Larry’s “Cedar Woodworks” in St. Cloud, MN. Larry and Peggy make a beautiful product!

Cedar Woodworks

Larry's Cedar Woodworks Calling Card

Not to be outdone by Bob, I put together some Adirondack chairs of my own for the little children.

Adirondack chairs

Connie putting together Adirondack chairs for the children