5-8 Leaky waders!

leaky waders

Bob got the leaky waders!


Having the ice go off of Lake Florida is one of the best signs of spring. This year, we have waited & waited & waited! Putting in the docks is an exciting time too. Being able to walk out and look at the beatiful water is so much fun. We have to wait for Chris and the crew from 4 Seasons Lawn & Beach to help with the big roll in docks, but because the gas dock is in 8-10 foot sections, Bob & I can get it started by ourselves. Today we put in the first 8 sections. Bob was excited to try out the “new” pair of waders he bought at an auction. He claims they were with something else that he really wanted! :)  Seconds after getting in the water he could feel the cool (42 degree) water leaking in!

Needless to say-he got what he paid for!

The job did not get quite finished as God decided we needed a little rain that day so we were soaked from head to toe. Guess it didn’t really matter that Bob had leaky waders! 🙂

At the end of the day we were rewarded with this nice sunset!


Lake Florida sunset at 7:47