The Long Minnesota Winter!

It seems I was a bit premature in announcing the positive change in the weather. We did have beautiful weather last week and spring was in the air. While walking outside you could hear and see the excitement of the animals. Birds and squirrels were talking and scampering around in the sunshine.

Bob was in Rochester for 2 days attending the Southern Minnesota Tourism Association meeting. They made plans for advertising for the 36 counties and communities of Southern Minnesota for 2011. We have been involved with this group for over 30 years!

Yesterday and last night we were blessed with another 9-10 inches of snow! We have a white wonderland once again! The wind is from the NE and they say it is going to change to the NW. That will make a real mess here at the resort. We’re about out of gas for the snow blower so we’ll have to take a trip into town. It’s a beautiful, sunshiny day – spring will come and it will be time for vacation!

Bob blowing snow

Bob blowing snow at the resort

Snow drift by cabin #7 at Dickerson's Resort

Snow drift at cabin #7