Recycling, lunch and the sunset


Aluminum recycling at Windy Hill

On Tuesday, March 26th, Bob loaded up all of the aluminum to go to the recycling and inticed me to go with him by offering to buy lunch! We left the resort  for Windy Hill which just happens to be down the road from the Pilgrim Inn at Regal. Windy Hill is a place where you can get rid of just about anything – old cars, appliances, metal & find just what you need in car parts. Today, they took all of our aluminum. We still had cans from the end of the summer so it was quite a load!

When we were finished at Windy Hill we were off to the Pilgrim Inn (link on Facebook). We both had the hamburger/fries basket and it was delicious!

As we were driving through Spicer we saw activity at O’Neil’s Bar & Restaurant which is being totally rebuilt. It’s going to be a great addition to the community of Spicer!.


Construction of the new O'Neill's Restaurant in Spicer

It’s very exciting to be getting something new in a small town!


At the end of the day we were treated to a beautiful sunset


Lake Florida sunset at 7:36