Pouring the footings for cabin #9

On Thursday, John came and started the forms for the cabin footings. Late in the day, Tom came and finished up. They are also working at our neighbors to the north of the resort, so it is quite handy!

The footings for cabin #9 were poured on Friday, October 25th. There are many of us trying to get these cabin & house projects started before winter so the concrete didn’t get here until 2:30. The Duininck Concrete truck backed up to the hole and the fun began.

concrete truck

The first load of concrete being poured

The wheelbarrow was filled with concrete out of the shoot, Tom wheeled it over to the forms and John spread it out.


Filling the wheelbarrow with cement


Another load of cement for John

I’m thinking this is the job I would like to have. Stand and watch the guys work and pull the lever to release the concrete and fill the wheelbarrow! I offered to do it for the driver so he could help John & Tom, but he declined. 🙂


Watching the work

I knew they were having some fun when I came back to check on the progress and Tom had his hood pulled over his head. The driver didn’t shut the lever off at quite the right time once! 🙂


Tom protecting his head from the concrete

1 hour later, the concrete is poured, smoothed and cabin #9′s footings are ready for inspection.

cabin footings

Bob inspecting the cabin footings

You’re probably wondering where Bob has been all this time?

Why he’s cleaning the beach lounges before storing them for winter!

beach lounges

Bob cleaning the beach lounges before storing them for winter

beach lounges

Bob has the beach lounges all in a row!

While the guys were doing their work, I went to cabin #12 to make sure everything was ready for the group of ladies checking in later that day. I was surprised that it was cool in the cabin since I had asked Bob to turn up the heat early that morning. I alerted him to the problem. After many tries at getting heat we realized that the line we had disconnected to do the work at cabin #9, also feeds cabin #12! We called Dennis from Central Lakes Co-op to have him come back and get us some heat! He was there in no time at all and had the problem fixed.

We were very thankful for this nice day to get some more work done around the resort!