Moving day at cabin #9

In the off season, one of the traditions we have at Dickerson’s Resort is to make donuts when someone helps us with a project. Marcus Building Movers have raised Cabins #7, 10 & 12 and had donuts. The tradition must continue! Sunday night , October 20th Bob talked to Eric Marcus to see if they would be coming on Monday. They would let us know at 8:30 Monday morning after their staff meeting. Normally that would be fine, but Kandi Power Co-op had called on Friday and left a message that our power would be off from 9:00-11:00 on Monday morning! This will be a challenge!  I quickly started to make the donuts and Bob went to talk to the guys from the co-op who were already at their project. He explained the situation and assured them that there would be warm, fresh donuts for them if they left the power on until at least 9:15-9:30. 🙂 I was just about finished, only the donut holes left when the electricity went off.

At 10:20 the crew arrived. By 10:28 they were set up and ready to proceed! They put heavy duty 4×8 sheets on the ground to protect the sidewalk and grass. 🙂

Building Movers

Marcus Building Movers have arrived at Dickerson’s Resort

The next step is to locate holes in the foundation (or in some cases “make” holes) so the hydrolic jacks can be inserted.

cabin #9

Prepping for the jacks

hydrolic jacks

The hydrolic jacks are in place

The cabin has to be cut loose from the foundation.

As it is raised, 4 foot 6×6 timbers are put in place.

cabin #9

Lifting the cabin and cutting the foundation anchor bolts

All of the controls for the hyrolic jacks are in this truck.


Truck that controls hydrolic jacks

When the cabin is high enough, steel beams are brought over by a backhoe and inserted from the west to east side.

inserting beam

Inserting the first steel beam

The base of the siding must be precisely cut where the beam will be placed. 🙂

cutting notch

Cutting notch for beam

There is a large roller placed under the cabin to slide the beam on.

It is so well balanced that he can move thousands of pounds with 1 hand!

cabin beam

Adjusting the steel beam under cabin #9

After the 2 west/east beams are in, 2 more are put in from south to north.

cabin beams

Inserting the south/north beams

centering beam

Measuring the beam to locate the center for balance

The cabin is now lifted and ready to be moved off of the foundation!


All of the balls retrieved from under cabin #9

The cabin is pulled away from the foundation. Trees need to be trimmed as they proceed down the driveway.


The cabin is off of the foundation

cabin #9

Cabin #9 set on timbers

Cabin #9 is set on the driveway for now. The 4 foot blocks are stacked criss cross in layers to hold the cabin and the tractor can be pulled out and used for the next job.

Cabin #9 will get new owners soon-we hope!