Meet our Guests!

The next guest at Dickerson’s Lake Florida Resort who we want you to meet is Eric. Eric has been coming to the resort since 1995 when he was 2 years old.

Eric came with a cute little wheelbarrow and would come to the store with a couple of pennies, buy tootsie rolls, put them in the wheelbarrow and go back to the cabin.

Eric & dad Gene with a sunfish

Eric is amazed by his sunfish!

Eric loves fishing. He has been on the fish picture board many times. He and his buddies Jake and Cody fished and fished.

Eric is also a great lover of baseball. As he has grown, many of his vacations have started late or ended early because of a baseball tournament.

Eric also loves to play golf with his dad. Haven’t heard who the best is, but I’m sure Gene would say it is Eric.

Eric with new ski

Eric with his new water ski

Eric’s other passion is water skiing. In 2009 the Boysen’s were the last guests to ski at the resort. It was a warm sunny day, the 26th of September! It was almost dark before they gave up for the day.

Eric will be graduating this spring. The last we heard he is planning on going to college at Augustana in Sioux Falls, S.D.. We’ll find out more when they are here with us in July.