Meet our guests!

Meet Jessica – Jessica came to Dickerson’s Lake Florida Resort for the first time at the age of 3 1/2. It was just her mom and dad with her the first few years, but then along came baby sister Julia. Jessica has loved to fish from the very beginning.

Jessica with a fish

Jessica with a nice Bass

Jessica and the family have always had their own boat and go out early in the morning and have almost always had good luck. They have been on the fish photo board many, many times.

Jessiac with Bass

Jessica with 2 Large mouth Bass

Jessica is now in college in Iowa City and will be a Doctor soon.

Jessica & Julia with fish

Julia helping Jessica hold the fish


Meet Julia-Julia has come to Lake Florida ALL her life! She loves to play basketball which keeps her mom & dad very busy.

Jessica & Julia’s family have stayed with us since 1992. The only year they missed was the year Julia was born.

Julia with Bass

Julia with a beautiful Large mouth Bass

They are special people.

Julia & mom with fish

Julia helping mom hold the stringer of fish.