Meet Our Guests

Our guests we want you to meet today are a couple of sweeties!

Mia & Devin came to Dickerson’s Lake Florida Resort for the first time in August of 2005. Their mom Mary found an ad for our resort in the Southern Minnesota Tourism Guide and thought our beach looked like the place to be! Mia was 4 1/2 and Devin was 2 1/2 years old.

The whole family loves to go fishing – on the lakes close to home, off of the docks at the resort or in their boat. They race to the store to get their picture taken to be on the “fish board.”

While at the resort they love to make new friends, see old friends, swim & come to the candy store. They both excelled at zip sledding when they were “little” being able to go backwards as well as forward. Now Mia is on to water skiing and Devin’s not far behind.

Devin on zip sled-forward

Mia on zip sled

Mia on zip sled







Devin zip sledding backward

Devin zip sledding backward

Devin with candy

Devin at the candy store









Devin with Largemouth Bass

Devin with another Largemouth Bass


3 friends walking on the beach

Mia & Devin walking with friend on beach

Devin holding Largemouth Bass

Devin holding nice Large mouth Bass










Mia holding northern

Mia holding a nice northern


Mia eating a s'more

Mia LOVES smore's!

















A night at the resort is not complete without a little marshmallow on your face from a s’more.