Life at a Minnesota Cabin Resort

It is wonderful to have the ice off of the lake. It gives us hope that summer will come. The loons arrived before the ice was totally gone, but swam between the floating masses of ice. Now that the is is officially gone as of April 16th, all of the wildlife are coming to visit.

Loons in Lake Florida

Loons swimming around ice at Dickerson's Resort

We also have Canada Geese and this morning there were 4 Red breasted Mergansers here to visit.  They swam down the beach before we could take their picture, but they will be back.

Geese in Lake Florida

Geese swimming in front of the resort

Yesterday was a very busy day. We raked and cleaned leaves and debris out of the landscaped rock areas. The hostas and daylillies are anxious to grow!

We have a rule that for a job to be called a project you need to use at least 6 tools. We had at least 14 tools yesterday so it’s officially a project! Of course every project turns into more than we planned and takes longer than we planned. We were tired at the end of the day and very glad that it got too dark to work any longer. Today is another day and we hope the weatherman is wrong about the snow or rain we might get.