Home Sweet Resort Home!

We don’t spend all of our time at the resort working on the cabins. On December 13th we went to Florida. We own a rental condo there and just like  the resort cabins it requires cleaning and upkeep. Our friend Sandy took very good care of Simon and Sasha while we were gone, but they were very happy to see us when we returned.

Bob & COnnie

We’re home and Simon & Sasha are happy!

Another exciting thing to come home to was the progress at cabin #9. As you can see, Travis & Brian got the roof on and most of the sheeting on the walls.


Cabin #9

This part of the roof is waiting for the skylight before they finish the shingles.


The east & south side of cabin #9


The west & south sides of cabin #9


North side of cabin #9

Simon & Sasha are very happy to be able to inspect the work. They have been watching the guys work from our dining room window and want to give their paw stamp of approval. 🙂

cats & cabin

Simon & Sasha inspecting

 Maybe Simon & Sasha just wanted to get outside to run around & play tag!