Fun at the Calvary Youth Auction

We’re so busy at church on Sunday’s during the winter it’s hard to imagine how we get by without being there in the summer. Sunday was another one of those days. We left at 8:20 as the choir sang at the 9:00 service. At 10:00 we were “in charge” of the 6th grade Sunday school class. At 11:00 we left church and grabbed a bite to eat at Culver’s, picked up some apples at Cub and went home.It was time to make the donuts!

Every 3 years the youth go to a convention and have a huge fundraiser for it. This year they will be going to New Orleans. We had offered to make donuts for the silent auction and for the live auction. We made 12 dozen donuts and packaged them up. At 4:30 we were on our way back to church. We dropped the donuts off at the church and went to pick up our ‘senior friends’ Helen and Elaine who don’t like to drive at night.

Bethany Hall was filled with tables and all kinds of wonderful things that people and businesses in the community had donated. There were also all kinds of wonderful desserts to munch on while you were browsing the gifts.

Looking over the auction items

Pastor Ron, Connie & Russ looking over the auction items

The Auctioneers were LaDon and Allen Henslin from Henslin Auctions. They are so good at what they do. As I said – “they almost make it fun to part with your money!”  🙂

LaDon Henslin auctioning

LaDon Henslin auctioning

Henslin Auctioneers at Calvary

Allen & LaDon Henslin at Calvary

Connie, Megan and the donuts

Connie, Megan and the $90 donuts


We have a little friend Megan who just loves our donuts. She was willing to pay as much as $1000 dollars for them! She did beat out Pastor Ron for the bid at $90 for a box of 14 or 15 assorted donuts! Pastor Ron got second choice for $85. Thanks to her mom and dad for being so generous!


Thanks to everyone who supported the auction and the youth in any way! We had a great time.