Friday at Dickerson’s Resort

The weather here in March is unbelievable. The snow is almost gone and the ice continues to get darker. Today we had a coffee break on the Adirondack Swing which spent the winter on cabin #1 deck. This is the view of the beach and Lake Florida as we are sitting on the swing.

Beach & lake

View of the sand pushed up on the beach from cabin #1

The warm weather was just too much and I took a short nap on the Adirondack swing. Remember, it is March in Minnesota. This is not something we can normally do!

Adirondack swing at cabin #1

Taking a short nap at cabin #1

Lake & beach

View of Lake Florida & the beach from our kitchen window

The sand was pushed up from the ice expanding and contracting. There are places where it is at least 3 feet deep. We have lots of work to do before the guests come!


Sand pushed up on the beach