Cabin #9 foundation walls

October 29,2013-today is the day to build the foundation walls for cabin #9!

The concrete blocks were delivered yesterday. Note how there is just enough room to get the truck backed in to unload. Not much extra space here between trees and cabins!

cabin #9 foundation

Unloading cabin #9 foundation blocks

cabin #9 foundation

All of cabin #9 foundation blocks

All of the blocks are here. Sure hope they brought enough! It’s a fairly nice morning, but the weather man says there is rain coming. The guys bettter get started!

cabin #9 foundation

Everything is ready to set the blocks

The mixer and wheelbarrow are in place. Bob has the water hooked up at cabin #12 and they are ready to start laying the block.

cabin #9 concrete

Tom mixes the concrete and puts it in buckets for John to use for the blocks.

Whoo-hoo! It’s 9:06 and the first block is laid for the NE corner of cabin #9!

cabin #9

First block is laid!

Of course the weather men were right and Tom, John & Bob had to work in a drizzle most of the day. John assured me that this is the best kind of weather because the cement will cure slowly. As long as I don’t have to work in it that is fine with me!

cabin #9 foundation

Cabin #9 foundation walls

It’s 4:53 and John and Tom are just about finished for the day. They look happy, don’t they? Do you suppose they had Dickerson’s donuts today?

This is so exciting! Sure hope we have a nice sunset to end the day!