A snowy winter at Lake Florida

The snow and the drifts

Today we are going to take you on a picture tour of the resort. We are having a Valentine Dinner in cabin #12 so we need to get some paths blown so we can get there! It only takes an inch or 2 of snow whirling around the cabins to make a 4 foot drift.


Looking at the Lake Florida side of cabins


Looking down the driveway from the south

cabins & snow

Standing next to the beach


Looking at our house from 2nd Street


The cabins from the road by cabin #10

cabin #9

Looking down the driveway from cabin #9

cabin #8

The snow drifted in front of cabin #8

cabin #7 drifts

The snow and drifts looking south from cabin #7

cabin #12 deck

The drifts and snow on west deck of cabin #12

cabin #11 snow drift

The snow drift at cabin #11

cabin & snow

The view of Lake Florida from outside cabin #9

resort sidewalk

The sidewalk blown out to get to cabin #12

cabin #12

Cabin #12 driveway blown out ad ready for guests

The sidewalks are blown and we have plenty of space for our guests to park – let the party begin!