The plumbing at cabin #9

It’s Thursday the 9th of January and today Ron is going to finish roughing in the plumbing at cabin #9 and be ready for the inspector at noon. We are so thankful Ron could do this for us. He is leaving on a 2 week sailing cruise tomorrow, but took the time to fit our project in!

plumber's truck

Ron Philippi the plumber

The stairway isn’t in yet so you need to climb a ladder to the second floor. I was there when Ron was putting the shower faucet together and his reading glasses were on the first floor. I got to be the “plumbers helper” and help him with the big words-“HOT & COLD” 🙂 In case you are wondering Ron has used more than 6 tools which makes this an official project!


Installing the faucet

Now you can see why plumbers have to have their knees replaced.


Installing the faucet

Bob mixed the cement to put under the bath bays to stabilize them.


mixing cement

He also got the job of stuffing the cement in under the bath bays.

bath bay

Bob stuffing cement

I got to clean the snow and ice out of the floor cavities with my gardening tools! It’s amazing how the snow can sift through the smallest hole and without heat, it doesn’t melt.


Connie cleaning out snow