Sunset at Lake Florida January 10, 2012

The sunset was spectacular again on Tuesday night. This is our first picture taken from the top of the well house building at the south end of the resort


The beginning of the sunset at 4:43

The second picture is the same location, but zoomed in to get the sun.


Sunset at 4:44

This picture was taken from our usual spot on top of the boat lift


Sunset at 4:45

We moved a little to the north and are now on top of a different boat lift. Don’t think we will be climbing this way when the weather gets cold and snowy! This picture is zoomed in again to get the sun.

sunset at 4:47

The sunset at 4:47

Bob moved over to the fire ring where there are some birch logs just waiting to be used in a campfire.

Lake Florida sunset

Birch logs begging to be burned in a campfire

The sun is down for the day and this is the beautiful sky after.

Sunset sky

The sky at the end of the sunset