Keith & Travis-take down that wall!


Keith & Travis are working on removing the top layer of the cabin floor. Say good-bye to the pink and tan floor from the 60’s! Do you think they need 1 more crow bar?  🙂  Bob just happened to have 2 more long ones they needed.The crow bars are set removing floorI guess it’s a challenge for them to see if they can remove it in one big piece just like the sheet rock!

The next project is to take down the lakeside wall. Once again, their Sawzalls come in pretty handy!cabin wall

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And the wall came tumbling down – gently though!008 011 013 Into the dump truck it all went never to be seen again!

While they were working on the wall the rafters showed up from Marshall Truss Systems in Marshall, MN. They built and delivered them in record time for us and we are very thankful! Marshall Truss Systems

The rollers on the flat bed made it easy to slide the trusses right off!023Keith and Travis will continue to get ready to set the trusses. It won’t happen tomorrow, but keep watching!