It’s a fun baking day again!


Baking: Day 2

It’s another fun day away from the resort. It’s early in the morning and we have come together at Calvary to bake again. Today, in addition to cookies and candies we will be rolling lefse.baking Bonnie was the first to learn to roll lefse. Elaine had done it before.

Beth and Diane were in charge of making the Sandbakkels.Pastor Dean stopped by to be our lefse tester. We must have gotten it right because he ate more than 1 piece!

Bob helped serve lunch. Today we had Italian pulled chicken sandwiches, chips and of course Christmas goodies for dessert!

Pastor Tim joined us for lunch and conversation.

lefseJean rolled lefse for the first time.

and so did Diane!

Ashley joined us at the end of the day to frost some Christmas cut outs and clean up! This was a great activity and we are looking forward to doing it again next year!