Cabin #9 gets it’s last window!

Travis & Brian were going to put in the last window in cabin #9 this morning, so mid morning I went to see how things were going. I think they have been trying to see how long they can have it in the cabin without breaking it! (or maybe it was the wind that delayed the process!)

2 men

Travis & Brian on break

When I got to the cabin Travis and Brian were taking a break with their daily bag of chips. I find it disgusting that they can stay so slim eating chips! 🙂 They said chips are their secret to staying slim!


The last window

They did put the window in. This is the “winter view” of Lake Florida through the landing window. Below are a few more pictures of the progress in cabin #9.


High wall at stairway

bathroom walls

Upstairs bathroom


Look alive, the boss is coming!

Keith Collins (Collin’s Construction) stopped in to see how things are going.


On the landing looking west to east


Bedroom & landing windows

The new window-can hardly wait to get the wood on the walls!

Saturday morning

I guess Travis and Brian wanted to see the wood too because they showed up for work on Saturday morning!

cabin wall

Wood on wall

Standing at bedroom #4 looking to Lake Florida

cabin walls

Wood on hall wall

This is so much fun. We can hardly wait until Monday to see more progress!